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Trust Deed Investments offer the most attractive yields with relatively low risk.  Put simply, Trust Deeds are loans secured by real estate, with sound returns of 8%, or better.  The linchpin of Trust Deed investing is that borrower has substantial skin in the game, whereby the success of the loan is the typical outcome for both parties, leaving the option of foreclosures to a rarity. We focus heavily on pursuing loan relationships where borrowers are strongly incentivised to live up to their contractual obligations, by making sure they have an adequate stake in the property.   The borrowers ability to use less debt and more internal resources; without question, typically leads to better results for everyone.

Real Estate Investment

The Fulford Lending Advantage

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

Fulford Lending is unique among Trust Deed brokers because we only offer Trust Deeds that we have closed and currently manage. These loans have met our rigorous lending requirements.  Through the development of our business, we came to realize that our investment products created their own demand. Investors started contacting us as to whether we would sell individual investment products.  What they say is true, good products create their own demand. Sound business practices have created a new business opportunity for us to sell our investment products to qualified investors, and create a liquidity network of investors to expand our lending business.  Now, by offering funded loans to Trust Deed investors we are able to free up capital to satisfy an ever increasing demand for short term debt secured by investment properties. We invite all qualified investors to kick our tires, and take the time necessary to understand why we have the best investment products on the market.

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