Why Invest In Virginia Real Estate?

High Market Stabilization

In a nutshell, successful investing requires a stabilized market. You can’t make large profits in real estate from people that can’t afford to buy your property or pay the rent. The difference in profit margin between selling a shack in an economically strong area vs selling a three story house in an area with a weak job market and income bracket is night and day. This holds particularly true when the economy in question is attached to the government and thus by it’s very nature will be the last place possible to be struck with an economic downturn.

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Virginia Real Estate Investment Stats

High Income Streams

According to Forbes Magazine 5 of of the top 10 richest counties in the United States are in Northern Virginia. These include Falls Church City, Loudoun County, Fairfax County, Arlington County, Stafford County, Va. High property values will always be supported by high income streams. For further context take a look at the data below collected by American Community Survey

Real Estate Golden Rule: Location, Location, Location

The main reason reason Northern Virginia is a safe and smart spot for real estate investors is simple: The Federal Government. Since this is the seat of government, the entire local and regional economy is cushioned, as so many businesses are connected to providing services for government. However that is just one of the many unique reasons to invest in Virginia real estate. For example, not only do we have a strong job market and stable work force, but we have a very well paid work force. The overall average population is quite affluent. The regional affluence is what drives up and stabilizes the local real estate market.

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