Brokers Paid On HUD

  We are looking for loan referrals from residential or commercial brokers, loan officers, mortgage originators, etc.  Refer your clients, investors, or friends to us.  We want their business, and will compensate you for the referral.

We are one of a kind among hard money lenders in that we fund loans with 100% of our own capital. Our disciplined, common sense underwriting approach to lending allows us to look at clients as individuals. We’ll never do an automated calculation to approve or deny a loan. We get to know our clients and their projects.

Brokers are important to us as they serve as a conduit between us and our borrowers. Unlike other lending firms, we do not cap broker fees.  We leave it up to the parties (i.e. Broker and Borrower) to negotiate compensation for the broker’s services .  We also protect our brokers by disclosing all fees earned on the commitment letter. Fees are paid on the HUD, with a check sent directly to the broker at closing. Whether you are new or returning, Fulford Lending works to earn your business.

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Your Time Matters

In hard money lending, time is of the essence. With Fulford Lending, you don’t have to wait. Pick up the phone and speak directly to the lender. We can send you a pre-approval letter in as few as 24 hours.

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A Private Direct Lender

As a private direct lender we take take pride in our common sense approach to lending. A deal either makes sense or it doesn’t. At Fulford Lending we are looking at equity position and LTV to qualify borrowers.

We come from a background of developing real estate of all types,  and have made the process of obtaining an equity loan efficient and streamlined. We welcome the opportunity to build lasting relationships with you as develop your portfolio of clients who seek Hard Money for their real estate investment projects.

Direct Lender

We strictly lend our own money, and therefore our relationships are far more personable.

Flexible Strategy

We don’t use a standardized underwriting process. We look to the viability of the project at hand. Instead of borrowers’ credit score or debt-to-income ratio, Fulford Lending looks to market value and equity position to determine borrowing capacity.

Fast Approval & Funding

Deals don't wait and neither can you. With our expedited approval and funding process we can complete some deals in under a week.

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