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Your Time Matters

The Hard Money Advantage

Your business has run into a hurdle and you need funding fast.  You don’t have the time to exchange stacks of paperwork with the bank and wait sixty days or more just to get an approval. That’s where hard money loans with Fulford Lending come in.

Fulford Lending specializes in providing fast and flexible collateral backed hard money loans in Virginia, Maryland, and D.C.  Whether you’re looking for a bridge loan to acquire an investment property, or financing for a fix-and-flip, Fulford Lending is the answer for fast reliable funding.

We Offer:

  • Fast, reliable decisions – Here at Fulford Lending, we understand that you’re seeking a hard money loan for a reason. We can typically provide an answer to your funding request within 24 hours, no more anxious waiting.

  • Funding that fits your needs – We fund all types of business purpose loans, including but not limited to, bridge loans, acquisition loans, refinances, and fix & flips.

  • No upfront fees, no credit checks, no prepayment penalties –There are never any upfront fees with Fulford Lending.  Fulford Lending does not pull credit reports or require a minimum credit score.  There are never n prepayment penalties allowing you to prepay your loan whenever you want.

  • Generations of Industry Experiance – Fulford Lending and its principals have over 50 years of experience with every aspect of real estate investing and management,  from the acquisition and development of raw land to rehabbing hundreds of properties residential properties through the Washington, DC metropolitan area. 

For Example

For example, you have a rental property earning $30,000 a year; and, you want to increase this passive income with another rental property. With a hard money loan, you can secure funding to purchase and renovate a second rental property while you bridge to a longer-term traditional mortgage on the new investment property. You have not only increased your asset pool, but you have increased your passive income by making your assets work for you. You can learn more about this theory here

If you want a hard money lender that works with you to make sure your loan application gets processed quickly and efficiently, Fulford Lending is the company for you. We have an open line of communication with all of our borrowers, making sure that you’re happy with the progress at hand. 

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You can also reach us at [email protected] or (703)-678-3984 for further inquiry. We look forward to working with you.