About Us: The Story of Fulford Lending

Nathaniel S. Fulford V.

I started my career as a cost accountant.  And shortly thereafter, I opened a construction brokerage business, whereby I sold and managed construction contracts.  Always building upon current businesses, I eventually became involved in the allocation of construction funds pursuant to asset-based lending institutions.  My primary function was to make sure that the approved funds allocated were used in a manner, whereby the lender’s loan-to-value ratio increased during the funding process. In other words, we added real market value to the asset securing our loan.

Nathaniel Fulford V: Hard Money Lender

The Evolution of Fulford

Three Leg Strategy


 During the evolution of Fulford over the last thirty-five years, we have developed three legs in our investment strategy. Now, the primary leg of our company is driven by lending additional money gained over the last thirty-five years, with heavy emphasis being placed on favorable loan-to-value ratios. We look to make sure our borrowers have adequate skin in the game. In other words, our principle as well as our rate of return is secured through the worst-case scenario as it relates to asset valuations. The second leg of our company is the leasing of properties controlled by Fulford. And lastly, the property management side, which is comprised of maintaining and developing real estate (i.e. ensuring maximum returns on properties owned or managed). 

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A Unique Insight

Our strategy has us unique insight and depth into maintaining, as well as expanding a productive real estate portfolio. To date, we have zero foreclosures in the tens of millions lent over the last ten years. Our growth has been fueled through common sense lending, which has provided the additional resources to grow our lending portfolio. When you look at our debt load in relation to our asset holdings, you will find a company that exist today and will be here tomorrow.   While some asset based lenders achieve greater returns by relying heavily on debt, we’re able to grow by the continued reinvesting of profits from our lending business. We take the safe approach by relying heavily on internal sources and knowledge of the subject matter and primary area of operation.

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