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Our Family's History in Hard Money Lending

A Rich Family History Of Funding Investments

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      Fulford Lending has a long history of providing hard money loans to the Virginia, Maryland, D.C. area. Nathaniel Simmons Fulford the first planted the seeds of Fulford Lending in the mid-1800s. He supplied equipment, fertilizer, and seed to farms located in North Carolina. Nathaniel owned the largest hardware store in the state, which attracted farmers during growing season whose livelihoods were in seed and equipment. In lieu of direct purchase, Nathaniel would extend credit for a mortgage against the farm. Upon the harvest, the farmer would repay their obligation and redeem the mortgage. Back then, agriculture was the basis of the US economy and sustained many American families.


     Six generations later, the Fulford family has watched the US progress through waves of industry and technology, reaching far past the surveyed limits of a farm. However, the essence of lending has remained the same. It serves to empower new generations of businesses with short term loans to invest, and help create their own wealth. Nathaniel never wanted to own the farms surrounding his hometown. Rather, he saw a prosperous community where the people were not limited by funds. At Fulford Lending, it is a vision we still strive for today through providing hard money loans.

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