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Looking for a hard money loan fast? Welcome to Fulford Lending, where your real estate ambitions become a reality. We specialize in quick, straightforward equity-based bridge loans, making us a go-to choice for commercial borrowers across Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Maryland, and Washington D.C. Whether you’re a seasoned real estate pro, a developer, or a flipper, our custom financial solutions are designed to help you act swiftly and invest with confidence. Discover why clients trust Fulford Lending for their real estate ventures. Embrace the opportunity to partner with us and feel the difference in your next investment project!

Fast, Flexible and Reliable Asset-Based Funding

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Our Approach To Hard Money Loans

Common Sense Private Lending

In today’s dynamic real estate market, seizing opportunities quickly can make all the difference. That’s why our lending approach at Fulford Lending is centered on speed and adaptability. We specialize in equity-based lending, focusing on your property’s value rather than getting bogged down by credit scores or income details. Our goal? To streamline your financing with personalized solutions that fit your unique needs, ensuring you get project funding in just 3 to 5 days – a stark contrast to the lengthy processes typical of traditional banks. Let’s accelerate your real estate goals together, efficiently and effectively.

Reinvest Equity

Leverage the equity in your current properties to fuel further growth in your real estate journey. Use it for enhancing your existing assets or as a stepping stone for acquiring new investment properties. This strategy not only keeps your portfolio active but also opens doors to potentially higher returns. Let your hard-earned equity work for you, propelling your investments forward.

Express Funding

Experience the speed of hard money lending and say goodbye to the lengthy waits of traditional bank loans. With our hard money loan solutions, you're just a few days away from securing the funding you need to progress with your investment plans. Opt for a more efficient path to accelerate your real estate investments and keep your projects moving swiftly.

No Credit Check

Hard money lending shifts the focus away from the traditional metrics of borrower credit history and income, instead placing the spotlight on the value of the collateral property. This approach is what sets hard money lenders apart. By prioritizing the property's inherent value, we're able to expedite the lending process, making quick, informed decisions that align with your investment needs.

What Ever Your Needs, We Have You Covered

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Discover Our Comprehensive Lending Calculators

Accurate financial insights at your fingertips

At Fulford Lending, we strive to provide you with all the tools you need to make informed financial decisions. Our suite of comprehensive hard money lending calculators is designed to help you evaluate your options with precision and confidence. From calculating loan-to-value ratios to estimating monthly payments, our calculators offer a user-friendly experience to ensure you get the most accurate insights. Whether you are a seasoned investor or new to hard money lending, our calculators will guide you every step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For a thorough understanding of our loan offerings and underwriting processes, we encourage you to explore our borrower’s page. Here, you’ll find detailed information tailored to your needs. Additionally, our frequently asked questions section is a valuable resource for addressing any queries you might have.


"A Well Informed Borrower is One Ultimately Better Served."

That’s why we started our “Learn From a Lender” blog. We wanted to share our insights about the lending industry and start a conversation with our current and potential clients.

Fast and Flexible Hard Money Loans for Real Estate Investors

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