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We do Business Purpose Loans. Acquisition, Fix & Flip, Transactional, Bridge, Transactional, Rental, and Refinancing Fulford Lending offers hard money loans for a number of business purposes. The type of loan is not as important as the collateral securing it. We usually stay at a loan to value ratio of between 50 and 65%, and we will utilize a number of sources to achieve said valuations



Fulford Lending loves its brokers. They serve as a bridge to connect us with those seeking hard money loans. As part of the team, you enable us to fund businesses and have a hand in supporting local communities. Unlike other lending firms, we do not cap your points on spot. Rather, we work with you to ensure that every party walks away happy. We will get you an answer in as few as five minutes for approval; and, when we close the loan, you get paid that day. 



Our investors enjoy healthy returns and unparalleled principal protection. We provide short-term loans secured by real estate with loan to value ratios (LTV’s) averaging less than 50%. As seen in the chart above, the 10-year annualized ROIs only increase far past the average inflation rates in highly volatile markets. Hard money offers a different approach in direct loans, an average interest rate exceeding established returns. Further, there is well-established security cushioning each individual investment.

We are Fulford Lending, the top Private Asset Based Lender in the D.C, Virginia & Maryland Area. We keep borrowing simple and streamlined.

No minimal credit score

○No mandatory appraisal

○No hidden fees or upfront cost

If you need business related funding and have an asset that meets our LTV standards, we fund the deal. That simple. Our common sense approach to hard money lending, decades of local real estate expertise, and respect for our borrowers have blessed with a bounty of repeat business.

How Asset Based Lending Works: