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We are a local, direct, expedient hard money lender that specializes in providing equity based bridge loans to residential and commercial borrowers. We operate predominantly in the states of Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Maryland and Washington D.C .

Fast, Flexible and Reliable Funding

Reinvest Equity

Use your equity to gain liquidity.

Express Funding

In most cases, we give conditional approval within minutes of a telephone conversation.

No Credit Check

We look to your equity position in the asset to determine the extent of funding we can provide.

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Our Approach

Common Sense Hard Money Lending

In real estate, sometimes the best deals are the ones that can’t wait. As such we fill the void left by traditional banks.  As a private equity lender, we know that waiting for an answer is not how you move forward.  Our answers come quickly, and so does our funding.  This is not a home loan, where you can afford to wait.  This is a commercial loan that needs immediate attention. 

Private equity lending has little to do with credit score, but a lot to do with your investment strategy.  If the loan is for a business/investment purpose and you have sufficient equity in the securitizing asset(s), coupled with an exit strategy, we will fund the loan.

What Ever Your Needs, We Have You Covered

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Talk directly to a decision making lender, not a middle man.

Hard Money Rates Notes


As a broker you need an expedient lender you can count on.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve never worked with us before, we invite you to learn more.  Check out our Borrower’s page for more information and our FAQ

"A Well Informed Borrower is One Ultimately Better Served."

That’s why we started our “Learn From a Lender” blog. We wanted to share our insights about the lending industry and start a conversation with our current and potential clients.

Funding Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. Real Estate Investors Since 2008

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